Our Staff


Dr Farooq Hameed

(Partner) M.B,Ch.B. (Manchester 1997), M.R.C.G.P., D.R.C.O.G.

English speaking and fluent in Punjabi and Urdu.

Dr Henry Frankland

(Partner) M.B,Ch.B., (Dundee 1997), M.R.C.G.P.

Dr Fouzia Ihsan

(Partner) M.B, Ch.B. (Manchester 1997), M.R.C.G.P., D.C.H.

English speaking and fluent in Punjabi and Urdu.

Dr Zabair Ahmed

(Partner) M.B.C.H.B., M.R.C.G.P., P.G., D.I.P., S.E.M.

Dr Farah Hassan

(Partner) M.B.B.S. , M.R.C.G.P.

Dr Burhan Khalid

MBChB (University of Leeds 2016). M.R.C.G.P

Speaks limited Punjabi, not fluent

Dr Elizabeth Sweeting

GP Registrar

Dr Sweeting is a GP Registrar who is a qualified doctor but completing her training to be a General Practitioner.

Dr Haider Ali

GP Registrar

Dr Ali is a GP Registrar who is a qualified doctor but completing his training to be a General Practitioner.

Emma Wilby

(Advanced Nurse Practitioner) M.S.c, A.N.P, R.G.N

Emma Wilby is a Registered Nurse who has completed additional training with qualifications to examine, assess, diagnose, treat, prescribe and refer patients who present with undiagnosed/undifferentiated problems.


Vicky Gill


Yana Pearson

Kathryn Hayes

Kerry Rollinson

Healthcare Assistants

Jennifer Chivers

Madison Bull

Practice Management

Nicole Siswick

Practice Business Manager

Cheryl Lear

Practice Operations Manager


There are approximately 15 clerical staff employed by the Practice including receptionists, secretaries and administrative assistants. All staff are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and nurses. They are used to handling confidential information. The administration team comprises of: Ellie, Krysia, Kwai, Ruth and Sian.

Reception Patient Advisors

Our Reception Patient Advisors comprise of:- Anisa (Reception Team Leader), Beverley, Claire Hb, Claire Hd, Claire G, Dianne, Elena, Helen, Ann-Marie, Jayne C and Vanessa.

Community Midwives

Ante-natal care is shared between the doctors and community midwives. The midwives hold a clinic offsite for expectant and nursing mums. They can be contacted at other times for advice on Tel 01484 355743.

District Nurses

Patients who are confined to their homes and need nursing assistance may arrange with their doctor for the district nurse to visit. Patients who have attended the hospital for treatment may be discharged to attend the district nurse clinic held at Mill Hill Community Health Centre for dressings, suture removal etc. Tel: 01484 221600.

Health Visitors

Health Visitors are available to give advice on family health and are based at: Mill Hill Health Centre, Dalton Green Lane, Dalton, Huddersfield; Tel 01484 347849.