Patient Request Form

Complete this form if you would like to request a medical report, letter or form to be completed by your GP. Please note there will be a £20 minimum charge for this service, once you have submitted the request a member of staff will be in touch with the amount payable. If you should cancel the request at any time there will be a £10 admin charge payable.

Last Updated: 04/08/2020

Patient details

Requester details

Request details

If your request is for a support letter or medical report please include as much information as possible to help your GP locate and supply the information you need. If you require the information following a request from someone else/a company please provide us with this information and if possible a copy of the request.


By submitting this form I agree to collect the document and meet the reasonable charges made for this service at that time. I understand that when I wish to collect the completed form that I must bring a copy of this form with me, along with photo ID. I understand that if I am not the patient mentioned above and I am requesting this information on their behalf, that the patient will be contacted for authorisation and that the patient will have to collect the information unless otherwise agreed with the patient.