SystmOne Shared Patient Record Consent

The medical records for our patients are held on our SystmOne clinical computer system. A number of local community health services, the out of hours doctor service and the local Accident and Emergency service also use SystmOne clinical software. If you are receiving services from these healthcare providers who use SystmOne in addition to ourselves we believe that the patient benefits if we are able to share your information with those providers. Please see the eDSM Patients Guide which you can download on the previous page which explains the share options and how you as a patient controls which providers can gain access to your medical records. We would encourage you to consent for us to share your record into the “pool” and allow us permission to access your record held in that pool.

Last Updated: 04/08/2020

Sharing Out

This controls whether your full GP electronic patient record can be shared with other NHS Care Services where you are treated.

Sharing In

This controls whether you agree for this practice to view information you’ve agreed to share at other NHS Care Services.

Patient Details


By submitting this form I am confirming that I have been advised of the systems regarding the sharing of my computerised GP medical record and the opportunity for my GP to access medical information from other health providers who use the same “SystmOne” clinical system. I understand that my GP and other health providers require my consent to share their records of my health care.